Squish the Fish

New York Times bestselling author Dave Lundy recently published “Squish the Fish: A Tale of Dating and Debauchery” and the book-burning riots in Miami haven’t stopped since. Order your laugh-out-loud copy today and prepare yourself for the party of a lifetime!


“Think ‘The Hangover’ mixed with ‘Old School’ and drenched in wing sauce. Ride shotgun with a group of friends trying to get to a Buffalo Bills game and join in all the crazy shenanigans along the way!”

“Laugh-out-loud funny and outrageously clever! Tucker Max type of escapades wrapped up in a plot with more twists-and-turns than a pole dancer.”

“[Fellow] ladies, this is a must read if you want a glimpse inside the minds of men. Enlightening, jaw-dropping, and hilarious!”

“Holy mother is it funny… but it’s not without a lot of heart; the type of heart you can only find in places like Buffalo, NY… in the dead of winter… after four Super Bowl losses in a row.”


Robert’s “summer romance” with Jennifer was interrupted when his college buddy, Zabka, returned to Buffalo for a visit. The police report described their reunion antics as, “two knuckleheads on a beyond insane bender.” Since then, Jennifer’s leash around Robert’s neck kept getting shorter and shorter.

Now it’s mid-December, and Zabka is planning an even bigger road-trip back to frigid Buffalo. He envisions a weekend overflowing with beer and girls that, in his words, “climaxes” with the Bills squishing the Dolphins to clinch the division’s playoff spot. However, if Jennifer discovers his plans, there’s no telling what she’ll do.

Will drunken chaos spin out of control again? What unexpected trouble is flying up from Miami? When relationships, friendships, and rivalries collide, can anything survive? And where did the midget strippers come from?! Nothing can prepare this incompatible cast of characters for this wild winter weekend.